Friday, December 14, 2007

Martin Mere
I took a recent trip up to Martin Mere, mainly with the intention of taking some Ruff shots. This is a bird I would love to photograph in full spring / summer plumage but that would involve a plane trip to Scandinavia. A trip I intend to take one day.
Whilst waiting for some Ruff to appear I kept the shutter finger warm in the cold hide with a bit of exercise on some waterfowl. It always good to have other birds to photograph while you are waiting for your target species.
Whooper Swan
a Young Whooper coming in for a splash downand taking a bathAlso swimming around in front of the Swanlink hide were Pintail and Shelduck.
A Lapwing 'leg shaking' the ground in front of the hide kept me amused for a while.
I took a short walk to warm up as it was freezing in the hide and when I returned a couple of Ruff had appeared. On the way out I wandered through the captive duck collection and this bird really got my eye as it was lit up by the sun. I haven't a clue what it is, and really that is not of importance, but it was a beautiful bird.


Anonymous said...

australian shoveler?
i love your photos by the way.

Rich Steel said...

Thanks for the i.d. I guessed it was a shoveler of some kind by that distinctive bill shape.




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