Tuesday, October 30, 2007

More from the Kitchen Door
As I now have a flock of 20 or so goldfich coming in to the back garden, I thought it a good time to replace a perch with some'natural habitat' of teasel heads. They were a bit reluctant to use them at first but a sprinkle of niger seed and they soon got the idea.
In fact they now use them regularly as a perch before hopping across to the feeders.
We had an unusual visitor to the garden recently in the shape of a female chaffinch which is a first in nearly 8 years of living here. I assume this was a migrant that just decided to stop off to refuel for a couple of days.It appears that the robin has firmly established the garden as his territory for the winter.
Checking his favourite perch which has the vague appearance of a statue from Easter Island.
To finish off the female black bird from the spring has returned. She was losing head feathers at that time but now the poor bird has taken on an almost vulutre like appearance.


shirl said...

Hi again, Rich :-)

Missed this post - love the shot of the robin examing its post!

Great that you have seen the chaffinch in your garden after so long - maybe it will stay?

We have chaffinches all year in my garden in Scotland and for the first time I noticed juveniles in my garden this year too :-D

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Such a good picture of the robin on a post with the moss seeming so real. I felt like I wanted to touch the moss and feel its velvety texture.


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