Saturday, October 20, 2007

Yew Tree Fun

I recently found a yew tree loaded with berries that is currently being fed upon by large numbers of thrushes and blackbirds. It has been quite difficult shooting the birds in the tree and waiting for one to appear in an appropriate spot to get a shot.
Male blackbird
and the female
Song thrush
The Mistle thrushes that have also been using the tree have mainly been out of range and right at the very top. However, the main species I have really been trying to photograph is the recently arrived Redwing but to date have only managed one decent shot, although that is more than I have had in previous attempts trying for this wary species.

1 comment:

shirl said...

Hi again, Rich

I love these photos. I really enjoy seeing the blackbirds and song thrushes at the berries on trees in my garden. Your photos look scarily festive!


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