Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sunday Dawn

I headed out for a short session at first light on Sunday morning (although that was 8am!!), to see what was around at a local site. The jays are still busy hiding their winter stores of acorns. I came across a kestrel which was allowing me to get in close. First sighting was in a fir tree, although I am not sure who was watching who.
I found the same bird later on amongst the autumn leavesStar bird of the day was a green woopecker. I have seen these birds at this site before but they are very unapproachable and have not got a shot of previously. This shot is a 'record' shot as it is heavily cropped as I still failed to get in close on the bird, but it is my first shot of this species. It looks like I will have to think up an approach plan to get some better shots. As I always say its only a matter of time :)

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