Sunday, November 04, 2007

New Feeding Station

A friend and I have recently set-up a new bird feeding station on a private site we have access to. The feeding station will be run right through the winter months and into the spring. It is always interesting to watch a new feeding station develop to see which species will turn up. Early results look promising for a busy winter there.
One of the first birds to arrive were, as might be expected, some tit species.
Great tit
and Blue tit
Chaffinch also soon arrived. We are hoping to build a good flock of these birds in the hope that we may get a brambling amongst them.
A flock of around a dozen greenfinch also quickly found the new food source.


shirl said...

Hi again, Rich

Delighted to hear that your feeding station is now complete and that you are getting your first visitors! Good luck with it and I will look forward to seeing what birds you will attract there :-D

Rich Steel said...

Thanks Shirl. I am sure there is plenty more to come. Woodpeckers are already visiting frequently as I will show in my next post.




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