Saturday, June 09, 2007

Seabird tour

Took a couple of days off work this week to go and do some sea birds shots with my friend Steve. I will be posting the shots over several posts as I take through the journey. The first destination was Bempton cliffs to do some Gannets. I will go out and do photography in most weather but there is one which is impossible which is fog. Having driven right across the country the weather got progressively worse as we arrived at the cliffs to thick fog and a strong breeze. Very frustrating. We took a walk out to the cliffs but it was just impossible. Here is the one shot which has been heavily processed to bring the bird back out of the mist. Thank goodness for RAW files as the first shot is the original which I entitle 'Gannets in the Mist'

We checked the place out and will definately be returning. So instead we decided to take a few shots of some friendly Jackdaw in the carpark.

So far the seabird tour was not going too well but we were hoping things would pick up at our next destination which was Seahouses were we had a trip to the Farne Islands planned.

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