Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Seabird Tour - Sandwich Tern and Puffin

On reaching the top of the island the path past a Sandwich Tern colony and I spent a while trying to get some shots of them.

Looking for the right place to land
They are a graceful sight when flying. While trying to get some shots of them I noticed I seemed to be in-line with a puffin flying route with a constant stream of birds flying towards and past me. Many of the birds were carrying beaks full of sandeels. I always forget what small birds and fast fliers puffins are.

I became so adsorbed in the terns and puffins that before I knew it and hour had already passed and I had only managed to get about 300 metres from the landing jetty!!! It was time to see what else the island offered.

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Roger B. said...

Lovely flight shots.


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