Friday, June 29, 2007

Dusting down the travel lens

While cleaning the 500mm lens the other day I noticed that some dirt had accumulated inside the front lens glass, which should not happen for a sealed lens unit. So the lens has been duly shipped back to Canon. I must admit it cannot be returned to quickly!!!!. So in the mean time I have had to dust down the travel / zoo lens the 100 - 400mm. This lens was repaired a while back and I have never been convinced it was as sharp on its return as when originally purchased and a short session at the weekend confirmed this to me. So when the 500mm returns returns I think I will send it over to Canon to be recalibrated to see if that improves its perfomance. A couple of photogrpahs from my short-session with the lens.

A linnet which I unusually managed to stalk in close to

The other bird photographed was a reed warbler which for a change I managed to find out in the open rather than half obscured by vegetation.

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Anonymous said...

wow, i mean wow...

did you take those pics?????

they are really good. hope you don't mind if i use them for an English assinment????


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