Monday, June 11, 2007

Seabird Tour - Reaching and arriving on Inner Farne

We boarded a very full boat for the trip out to Inner Farne. Before heading to the island the boat took us for a tour around some of the other islands. I didn't bother taking many shots on the journey across and was mainly enjoying the ride and views. However, I did reach for the camera as we came up to a colony of grey seals as I have not photographed any previously.

We eventually arrived at Inner Farne with the light increasing all the time and the sun starting to break through. The manin snag was that we only had two hours landing time in which to get some shots. On arrival at the island there is an essential piece of clothing that is recommended which is a good hat. The reason for this is that the path up to the top of the island leads through a colony of Artic tern which look quite innocent when perched.
However, they soon take offence to the intrusion and tend to fly up and swoop down on visitors heads often resulting in a hard peck from that sharp beak. This does provide a good opportunity for some flight shots although a short focal length lens is useful. Most of these shots were taken with the 70-200mm lens. Here are a small selection of this elegant bird.

On the next post I will describe the scene that met us once we had got passed the Arctic tern and reached the top plateau of this low lying island.

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