Monday, March 19, 2007

New birds arriving

Some new birds are starting to arrive at the woodland feeding station on the private site but as yet I have not managed to capture them, with both siskin appearing and the first sight of a brambling. Managed to get 3 shots in the during the very brief glimpse of the Brambling but none of them turned out. This is a shame as I have only ever managed to photograph one Brambling before, that unusually turned up in the back garden just over a year ago of which here are a couple of shots taken then...

and against the orange paint!!! of the garden wall

Hopefully I will have some new shots to show soon.

The woodpecker were busy and seem to be chasing each other around no doubt as a prelude to breeding and at one point there were four birds in on the feeders.

Apart from that just the usual birds coming in amongst which were...
Blue tit
Long tailed tit
and Goldfinch

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