Thursday, March 15, 2007

Disturbance free bird photography

It is great getting photographic access to private sites as it is grood to have freedom without disturbance. Thought I would post some recent birds from private sites that I have access to . The first set is from a private woodland where I set up a feeding station earlier this year.

The ever present chaffinch

Difficult to resist a Robin

I am not sure why but I really like Dunnock and despite their lack of colour, they hold a lot of interest to me.
Moving on to another site, this time a private farm that I recently visited for a session with a friend. For those interested these shots were taken with the 100-400mm zoom lens.
I seem to have an attraction to pheasant at the moment, as they keeping turning up everywhere I go!!!!


and to finish off a new species for me, the unfortuately rapidly declining Tree sparrow

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