Friday, April 03, 2009

Late Afternoon Gulls

A couple of weeks back and before the gulls departed off to their breeding grounds, I briefly stopped on the way home from work to have a few minutes with the local gulls. The sun was low and the air was clear creating some lovely light which seemed a shame to waste.

The two photographs which stood out for me from the few that I took are the ones below. The first because I like the symmetry of the water droplets bouncing off the wings.

and this because of the 'angel wings' effect.


Dale said...

hi Richard,
you really have a wonderful blog, and I have just added it to my blogroll.

how did you make your blog wide-format? I tried briefly to figure it out but I can only seem to manage the narrow column format. Is there are trick to it?

And, if you like my blog, would you add it to your blogroll?

Happy birding

Ginnymo said...

Awesome photos!!!

Rich Steel said...

Thanks for the replies. Dale a quick look around on the web and you should find details of how to increase the Blog width. If you send me an email then I can provide a link.



Madison said...

That third picture was, a beaut.


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