Thursday, April 09, 2009

Birds of Rock and Snow

A couple of weeks back there were two male snow bunting being reported at Rhos-on Sea in North Wales and so I decided to take a trip over to see them before they disappeared back up to their upland breeding areas. We tend to get a few snow bunting appearing round the local coast each winter, feeding on the seeds washed up along the tide line. On arrival my attention was immediately drawn away from the attractive snow bunting to a rock pipit there was going through singing display flights over the rocky shore. We seldom get these on my local coast so thought I would take the opportunity for a couple of photos.

However, my attention was quickly diverted back to the male buntings


The birds were looking great and changing into their black and white summer plumage.



All too soon the brief session was over and it was time to leave. My trip had been well timed as the birds had been in that spot for around 2 weeks and disappeared two days after my visit. Luck always plays its part in wildlife photography.


Joe said...

Great photos, snow buntings are so beautiful.

Azahari Reyes @ Jason a.k.a horukuru said...

Excellent shots of the Bunting !

Ginnymo said...

What beautiful little birds!!!You are right about wildlife photography being luck. Sometimes I get to see a bird and then never see him again. I once saw a Indigo Blue. He must have been passing through because I never saw him again but managed to get one blurry shot of him. Wonderful photography Rich!!!!

Dale said...

those snow buntings really are gorgeous.

and your rock pipit image is also lovely. I tried to get some photos of the displaying water pipit up here over the last week, but I was really struggling- it is really hard to get close to them when you are exposed on a huge expanse of white snow (still 1.5m deep) with only the evenly spaced little black spots (called pipits) to disturb the completely blank image.

I eventually gave up with little to show for it but cold hands.

Happy birding (from the Alps)

The Early Birder said...

No luck in these captures, thats expertise. Excellent Rich. Thats the closest & most detailed view I've ever had of Rock Pipit.

Little Brown Job said...

Glad you managed to catch the Snow Buntings before they left, great shots, especially that last one, really shows off the beautiful plumage.

Anonymous said...

Well captured and well exposed. Beautiful.

David Alvarez said...

Great shots!! Congratulations

Madison said...

The buntings are pretty. Very good shots of them

Rich Steel said...

Many thanks for all your comments. Hopefully one day I will get some in full summer plumage but I think that will involve a bit of mountain walking in Scotland.




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