Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 'Bunny'

Given that it is Easter Day I thought it would be appropriate to post some recent brown hare photos. I have had a look around the net and apparently in some countries, particularly Europe, the tradition of the Easter 'bunny' is associated with the hare rather than the rabbit. The reasons for this are twofold. Firstly hare are always very active and visible in the spring and were considered a symbol of high vitality, new life and fertility. Secondly hares do not live in burrows but out in the open in depressions in the ground called forms. Lapwings nest also nest on open ground, and their nests look similar to the forms. Often in spring eggs would be found in what looked like hare forms, giving rise to the belief that the hare laid eggs. This is where the tradition of Easter eggs is apparently derived from in some countries.






A couple of weeks back I did manage to miss some photos of the elsuive boxing in beautiful light as I was busy sorting out another camera while the brief action occured. A missed moment that will haunt me for a while. So the rest of the photos will have to be of them running around as usual at high speed.





Anonymous said...

Great photos. Athletic looking hare; not an ounce of fat. Think I'll go easy on the chocolate today.

Dale said...

did you find the chocolate eggs?


Jenny said...

Superb shots!

I love the way you get right down at "hare-level".

Happy Easter, Rich!

Ginnymo said...

Awesome photos!!! I might see one rabbit in the summer but he doesn't last long. I think the fox gets them.
Happy Easter!!

T and S said...

Stunning captures Rich. This is class.

Sally H said...

Wow! Excellent photos, and thanks for the explanation of Easter eggs.

The Abbot said...

Fantastic images. I need to get out more..

Madison said...

He is, a scraggly looking hare is he not? LOL

Rich Steel said...

Thanks for the replies. This is one animal I can never tire of photographing. Even though I have hundreds of photographs of them now, they keep drawing me back for more.




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