Sunday, January 25, 2009

White Moorhen Update
I decided to revisit the leucistic moorhens to see how they were doing. I was concerned with the recent cold weather, causing the lake to freeze, may have left them vulnerable to predation. However, I can happily report the both were present and looking very well. They had changed slightly since my last visit in that there beaks' have now taken on the more typical moorhen colouration which makes them even more appealing.
As usual with their bright white plumage they are a very tricky exposure, so for these photos I resorted to some spot metering on the camera.
I will probably return again now in the spring as I hoping that the normal coloured adults will produce some more leucistic young. I am intriguied as to what these chicks will look like.


Anonymous said...

Extraordinary images and the handling of exposure is superb!
A joy to see (and to see them having weathered the cold just fine!).
Thank you for sharing!
Cheers, Klaus

Vickie said...

Beautiful moorhen images. I will enjoy seeing what you learn in the spring. Also love your hawk images. That would be an outstanding lunch break for me, much better than eating!

AB Apana said...

Just came across your blog today. It's superb and I particularly enjoyed the shots of the moorhens.

AB Apana

Roger B. said...

Extraordinary pictures!

Tabib said...

Lovely pics!
The exposures were spot on.

T and S said...

Stunning series Richard. I like the way you have purposefully underexposed the image to isolate this white beauty.

shirl said...

Fascinating pics, Rich :-D

Javier Tajuelo said...

A great capture.

Rich Steel said...

Thanks for all your replies and comments. I will be keeping an eye on the moorhens as it will be interesting to see how things develop there.




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