Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lunch Hour Buzzard

I often take my camera to work with me which allows me to pop out for my lunch hour to try and take a couple of photos. This is not always successful but certainly beats sitting at the computer eating a sandwich and restores my energies for the afternoon's work. I had noticed a buzzard that kept perching on the telegraph poles on the road leading up to the office and so decided to try and get a couple of pictures.

Being given the 'eye'. Enough to strike fear into any rabbit but fortunately I am probably a lot less edible.


Little Brown Job said...

Fantastic shot's, you're so lucky to be able to nip out for a lunch time Buzzard.


Evita said...

What a great idea to take your camera to work and get out a bit with it. I sometimes am driving to work and see an amazing sunrise or some animal and just wish I had it, but it is not very convenient or safe to pull over on the highway and so I still have not done it.

These birds are magnificent by the way - nicely shot!

Quantum Tiger said...

Great buzzard shots. The light is fantastic. All I ever see on my lunchtime walks are parakeets and magpies...

Anonymous said...

Hi. Great pictures of the buzzard. I just wondered how you managed to get so near to him. I often see a buzzard on a particular post but it won't let me get anywhere near it before it flies away. I've even tried driving (and taking the pic from the car) but when I stop the car it's off! I'm very envious... Jane

Liam said...

Lovely shots Rich, I love the first one.


Jenny said...


Rich Steel said...

Thanks for the replies. Buzzards are tricky to approach even in the car and usually you need luck on your side. Often they will depart as you stop but occasionally you will get one that stays still. I always get the camera set up to the conditions and ready before the approach. The key thing though if photographing from the car is your safety and other road users and is something that needs to be done very carefully.



Ally D said...

Saw a massive bird on busy island close to the M6 today in Coventry tucking into something unfortunate. Just had to identify it and found my way to your site and there it was..... a Buzzard. Fantastic pictures. Will be a regular visitor.
Ally D

Rich Steel said...

Hi Ally

Buzzard appear to be quite common in my area and have made a good recovery in numbers in recent years.



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ANemeth said...

Awesome photos, Richard! I really like how you catch those actions, unique moments often invisible to naked eyes.

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