Sunday, September 21, 2008

Once in a Lifetime

If you asked people if they have ever heard a cuckoo, the sound that spring has arrived, many will answer yes. If you then ask the same people if they have ever seen one the the usual answer is no as they are very elusive birds. I can included myself amongst the 'heard but not seen category' until a couple of weeks ago. A young bird was consistently being reported sighted over a number of days on the edge of a local saltmarsh and so I decided to investigate.

You always have nagging doubts when your traveling to find a particular reported bird of whether it still be there? will I be able to find it when I arrive? will I be able to get close enough to get decent photographs? Fortunately all these questions were answered with a yes for this cuckoo. An unusually very confiding bird for this species. I will post a selection of photos I managed to accumulate of this young bird over a couple of posts as the opportunity may never arise again.
In the next post I will give some details of it interesting feeding habits.

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Klaus said...

Extraordinary! What a beautiful bird and you caught him so well!
You might want to think of making a post in Birdfreaks ( Birdphotography Weekly Meme!
Cheers, Klaus

Snowbabies said...

Great shots Richard, I've barely glimpsed a Cuckoo at a distance myself.


shirl said...

Great shots Rich!

I can well imagine your delight at this sighting :-D

Tommy V said...

wonderful pictures of a very interesting bird.

Birdfreak said...

I love the feeling of capturing an elusive bird's photo for the first time. Great photos and wonderful post!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous shots! Amazing. I have never heard or seen one.

Tabib said...

Amazing cuckoo series.

Rich Steel said...

Many thanks for all your replies. This was a very special bird and unusually accomodating. A real pleasure to photograph.




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