Sunday, September 07, 2008

Bushy Deer

I always enjoy the occasional visit to Bushy Park in London as there is always a good number of photo opportunities present for both birds and mammals. The herds of deer that roam this extensive parkland are an obvious choice. I hope to be returning there in a few weeks time to see if I can get some shots of the autumn rut.

Fallow Deer
You never know what might be lurking in the head high expansive areas of bracken.
and the Red Deer which I did not spend much time with as I was preoccupied with some of the bird life.This stag had huge numbers of flies buzzing around him.A fine looking stag whose antlers looked ready for the rut in the near future.


Ken Conger Photography said...

You have a great blog. A good diversity of quality images. Enjoyed looking through the posts. Awesome stage shots. Blue Skies-K

Tommy V said...

Great photos. I have never seen deer like these in the first photos. I love the 4 picture the best

Rich Steel said...

Many thanks Ken and Tommy. The first deer tbe fallow is I understand an introduced species to Britain.



Tricia said...

Hi Richard - found my way to your blog through RingSurf (just joined today)and will be stopping by again!

I can assure your that both Fallow Bucks and Red Deer Stags are in full voice and being very active in both Bushey and Richmond Parks. (Bushey Park being my local patch). Saw some impressive "antler clashing" in Richmond last week!

(If you visit Richmond and want to know the best place to see the Deer, then feel free to email me through my blog!) Happy (pic) Shooting!


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