Friday, August 29, 2008

A Trip to the Zoo

Its been a while since I made a trip to Chester Zoo. I do enjoy a visit to a zoo and the challenge presented by the range of enclosures and trying to make the photo a natural out of enclosure look.Usually I go in the winter when its quiet and the animals are more active. Not being a great lover of crowds I am not quite sure why I actually decided to go on the Bank Holiday last Monday. I spent most of the time dodging kids waving icecreams and inflatable animal balloons. During the visit the light went between the two worst extremes from horrible harsh beaming midday sun to near nightime under gathering storm gclouds within the space of around 15 miuntes. This sort of hampered my efforts, so it was not the most productive of visits photographically, but I was keen to see their new cheetah enclosues. Starting with a few of the birds.
One of my favourites in the zoo, the Black vulture
I am not sure what this next one is, some kind of hornbill I guess but it caught my eye, as I was being jostled along through the Komodo House by the crowds.

One of the penguines taking a stretch

Moving over to some mammals, the family favourite in an sentry MeerkatTapir I am pleased to say I did get to see the new Cheetahs that seem to have settled in well

and one even put on a bit of an interesting display of aggressionComing to a skidding halt after leaping foward. and a couple of Zebra given the Black and White photo treatment to finish.


Snowbabies said...

Love the zebra shot.


Jane said...

Looks like Snowbabies go there first, but my favourite? Definately the Zebra. Love the way you have done it in B&W.

Markus Jais said...

Those are fantastic shots. I especially like the zebra and the Black Vulture.

BTW: if you want a tip on where to get good flight shots of wild Black Vultures (in Spain), drop me an email (markusjais |at| gmx dot de).


Rich Steel said...

Thank you Paul, Jane and Markus for your replies. A trip to the zoo is always good fun and a great place to practice photographic technique especially with negotiating the various obstacles present by the enclosures (mesh, glass etc).

I would love to photograph wild black vultures and if I am ever heading to Spain I will definately fropping you an email Marcus :)




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