Sunday, August 10, 2008

Last Hares

This will be my last post on the hares for a while as I will switch my attentions back to some bird photography. That is not to say I will not still be paying them a visit over the next few months but probably will not be posting many.

I have been hampered by the light lately due to frequently overcast conditions, which in effect tends to rule out any action shots due to the lack of shutter speed required for these fast moving animals. So below is a selection of recent portraits.
To finish off a fond wave farewell for now from one of the hares.


Jenny said...

Ahhh... Great shots as always, your hares have such noble expressions! I like the farewell wave. :-) Thanks Rich for sharing all these wonderful images. Sadly we very rarely see a hare around here these days (south-east Scotland), let alone get close enough to photograph one.

Jane said...

I've loved your hare shots. They are such gorgeous animals. So unlike rabbits in so many ways... they remind me of little old men most of the time (a bit scruffy and tend to "sit" down a lot!). Brilliant photos, I look forward to watch you capture next.

Tommy V said...

Great shots of the rabbits. You catch some of the best expression of the rabbits I have seen. Can't wait to check out your bird photos.

scotfot said...

A tremendous series of hare images - in fact a really AMAZING series of images - all so different!


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