Friday, August 20, 2010

Mellow Yellow

The trip to Norway has lead to a bit of a backlog in processing of raw files which is an unusual position for me as I usually keep up to date. As a results the next few posts will be photos that were taken before and since my trip. This first post is actually some images that were taken way back in April but which for some unknown reason I have never got round to sorting out.

I have been working hard on a very stressful project in work for the last two years and camera time has kept me sane. So with a view to having some mellow moments in the good company of some wonderful looking birds. I set off southward for a session with some yellowhammers which hopefully would be in their full splendor of fresh spring plumage. The particular site has become a public feeding station where the birds have received free handouts from the public for many years. It is not the most peaceful place for photography due to the continual coming and going of visitors but all my attention was focused on the birds so all the background disturbance seemed to blur away.
I will start with a close-up view to introduce the birds.

To me yellowhammer are very visually striking birds with their combination of brilliant yellow mixed with rust oranges and black streaks.

The only problem with photographing them is they are ground feeding birds and opportunities at this particular site to get one on a perch is rare.

Here's to looking at you looking at me.

This bird kept popping up from a shallow gully.

Eventually one did perch momentarily before hopping to the usual ground position.

As the spring sun started to dip and the shadows lengthened it was time for a couple of last photos before hitting the road home.

The yellowhammers had worked their magic with their bright colours easing all the stresses of everyday life away. I can think of no better form of colour therapy.


Crafty Green Poet said...

such lovely photos, yellowhammers are very handsome birds, I've been lucky recently to have been working near fields full of yellowhammers.

Mary Howell Cromer said...

The Yellowhammer is most assuredly a striking bird and I so love your top entry image as well as the third from the bottom the best...just because...;) So glad that when one does have a stressful position, that we can take time to do something that brings us back to the reality of our existence and something that brings joy to our spirits. You certainly are good at what you do with your camera. Better days ahead~

Chris said...

What a set of pictures Richard. Wow you did really great there and I love the approach you got. Wonderful!

Petra Mafalda said...

Cute birds!! I'm right to follow you!

Glen Webber (Wildlife Photography) said...

Wow Richard. By far the best Yellowhammer photos I've seen. Awesome!

Rich Steel said...

Many thanks for the comments. Yellowhammers are a bit thin on the ground locally but its always worth making the journey to photograph them.




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