Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Hare and Deer

The title of this post is not the name of the local pub but I thought I would show some recent photos of mammals to make a change from the birds. My attention is just now turning towards Brown Hares as the stirrings of spring are in the air. Nothing lifts the spirits out of their winter hibernation more than the birds bursting back in to song as they call for mates. However, the weather has continued to be cold which has kept the hares hidden away in the hedgerows and so my sightings to date have been few and far between. Hares do not seem to be fond of the cold and hot extremes of weather but then they do not have the benefit of a burrow to retreat to like rabbits. Their home being a shallow depression in the ground that does not offer much protection against the elements.

Will I get the elusive hare 'boxing shot' this year? That is difficult to say given their unpredictable nature and the element of luck necessary in photographing wildlife but I will give it a good try.

It is always good to see and capture the first hare photos of the year and I managed to find a couple in some poor light on a recent frosty morning.



Not quite enough camera shutter speed to freeze this hare in its run past but some blur in the legs can add to a sense of movement.


A close encounter of the best kind.


Moving on to some larger animals, as whilst out photographing some birds recently I came across a group of deer. I am still trying to work out what type of deer these were. My first impressions were that they were all dark coloured fallow deer but wonder if a couple of the group were Sitka deer which are known to inhabit the area. If anyone has any views I would welcome them.

Always good to get some direct eye contact with your subject.


Up close and personnel.


Later in the day a small group lined up to cross a footpath. Fortuately they made the their moves one at a tiime allowing me to get photos of each.





Linda Yarrow said...

I would say your deer is Fallow. The colour of the Sika deer in Winter is similiar to your first picture but without the faint white spots and more uniform. I have posted a link to my pictures on flickr on the Sika deer which were taken at the RSPB nature reserve at Arne, Dorset. I hope this will help in your ID of your deer. At the RSPB nature reserve, they do only have Sika deer.

MObugs said...

Gorgeous pictures. The deer is adorable! So different from our White-Tail variety here in Missouri

Markus Jais said...

Awesome shots. Hares are amazing animals and always fun to photograph. I just booked a trip to the Neusiedler See National Park, where there is one of the highest densities for European Hares in the world. Can't wait to get there. Your images are a great inspiration!


Rich Steel said...

Thanks for the comments. I think you may be right Linda that these are just dark coloured Fallows.

Markus good luck on your trip and I hope the Hares perform for you.




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