Sunday, January 03, 2010

From Small Jays Do Mighty Oaks Grow

I love Jays as they are beautiful and inquisitive birds that I can never grow tired of photographing. Having spent a long time with these birds it is amazing, particularly in the Autumn, to watch their constant movements to and from oak trees to collect acorns to hide for the winter months ahead. I cannot believe that they can possibly remember all the sites where they bury the acorns and therefore they must be responsible in part for the presence of some of the mighty oak trees of the English Countryside.
I was backing up and tidying up the photos from 2009 over Christmas and thought I would put together a small compilation of Jay photographs which were mainly taken in December.
The start of a new oak tree?
The common sight of a Jay with acorns.
Regular readers will know I had a bit of an attempt in 2009 with 'Project J' to get some Jay flight photos which was not wholly successful as I really did not put in the considerable effort required.
This was not quite the flight photographs I had in mind. Wingless flight...or half bird and half rocket!
Nearly there but I did not quite nail the photos as I wanted.
This is certainly a project I will be pursuing with more effort in 2010.
One last photograph to finish off...just because I like Jays


T and S said...

Stunning series as always Rich. Happy new year to you...Thomas

Pescalune said...

That are awesome pictures ! It's really beautiful ! It's every time a real pleasure to visit you webpages !
Happy new year to yo :)

holdingmoments said...

I'm with you Richard; they are a beautiful bird.
Superb pictures, especially rocket Jay.

Cindy said...

Wonderful photos. The Jays are beautiful. Happy New Year and best wishes for a fantastic 2010.


Matt Latham said...

Fantastic set Rich. Happy new year

Peregrine's Bird Blog said...


Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

JPT said...

Fantastic stunning shots - and I never realised before what a beautiful bird the Jay is!

Fred's photos said...

Hi Richard;
I'm from Canada and winter in Texas, USA. We have quite a few different Jays in North America, but none like this. What is the correct name other than just Jay? Your photography is great. You have some very nice pictures.


Kerri said...

Oh my Richard...these are breathtakingly beautiful. WOW!
LOVE LOVE LOVE the flight shots!

Anonymous said...

Looking at your photographs of jays I am quite surprised that jays do not have as many blue coloured feathers as I expected. I don't know why but the image of a jay was a bit more bluish in my mind.
The jay rocket looks fantastic, it is so funny... :-) Wishing you good luck with your jay project.

Rich Steel said...

Thanks for the replies. Hopeefully I will fair a bit better with the jay flight photos this year.

Fred the Jay shown is a Eurasian Jay.




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