Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Some Bird in Flight Tests

There has been a lot of debate over the focusing abilities of the 1D mk3 for birds in flight. So decided to give it a test out. The obvious choice for such shots is seagulls which are in abundance here on the coast. Ok these may not represent a big as an auofocus challenge compared with small birds against a varied background but nevertheless a good starting point. First up black-headed gull
Not quite flying but the moment of lift-off
Common GullThese gulls locally show some interesting beviour where the fly out to the sand banks at low water, collect a cockle and other shell fish, and then drop it from height on the concrete seawall to crack the shell and get to the contents. Here is one returning tothe beach to eat the contents after a successful drop and smash.
The only other flight shot so far is of this canada goose coming in to land. So far the rate of 'keeper shots has been broadly in line with what I would expect for flight shots.

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