Wednesday, September 26, 2007

More local shore birds

I have managed a couple of short local session despite a difficult personal situation that has arisen over the last month. These have not been that productive in terms of numbers of birds but have produced some interesting ones.

First up I ran into a Lesser Black-backed gull the other day, a species for some reason I have not photographed previously. This one was lurking in a car park at high tide.
There have been plenty of cormorants moving about, a bird that on the open shore is very difficult to get close to. I managed a flight shot of one that was flying parallel to the sea wall. If ever there was a bird that suggests their reptialian ancestory then I would put cormorant fairly high on the list.
I also found some curlew, the first shots of them this autumn, on a field backing on to the sand dunes. Again another difficult bird to approach and I had to stand in a ditch under cover with the camera sticking through some brambles to get this shot. To finish off this post a bit of a result. I was standing on the sea wall with my friend Steve when I spotted a big unuusal looking bird about 100m away. Steve took a look through his binoculars and went 'Great Skua'. Needless to say we hot footed in that direction. It quickly took off but flew right over our heads from which I managed to get one shot. Very seldom are these found landing on the local shore so I headed home with a smile that day.

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