Saturday, July 21, 2007

Some more in flight
Raining again and the 500mm still absent so I thought I would try a few more flashed flight shots in the backgarden. Not a great deal back from my efforts though and just goldfinches who are always aggressive towards each other.

An adult going to teach a youngster a lesson about pecking order
and again
Two young ones in dispute


shirl said...

Hi Richard,

I love your action shots of the goldfinches - I am inspired to try it myself although my experience is limited. Have you any tips for me?

It's great what you can capture in your own garden - isn't it?

Rich Steel said...

Thanks Shirl. I was hoping maybe you could give me some tips as I'm new to this type of photography as well :). The only tip I can give is, apart from taking a large number of shots (and expect to bin many) and having a branch below a feeder to concentrate on, is to down power your flash (these were taken at 1/8th power) as it will give a short burst that will help freeze the action. Also if you use high speed flash mode it should reduce ghosting.




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