Sunday, July 29, 2007

Early Start
Having located some hares on Friday night on my way home, I found myself reaching with bleary eyes for the alarm at 5a.m the next morning. I headed up to the site and again found plenty of hares and in a very active mood. Unfortunately the light was not really sufficient to get many action shots of this fast moving animal, so I had to settle for mainly portraits.
This one seemed to think it was hiding in the long grass...well this an animal rumoured to be 'mad'.
The bio-lawnmower
This one doing a 'meerkat' impression. Hare are amazing animals and it would be difficult to get bored with their antics.
The light improved just enough, before the hares dispersed for the morning, to get a couple of action shots of them in full sprint.
By 8:30am it was all over and I headed back home for breakfast with a smile.


Anonymous said...

Nice to find another photography blog....for some reason they are few around...Like your work


shirl said...

Hi again, Rich

Great shots of an animal I never particularly paid attention to before. Your pictures have shown the hare is a much prettier animal than the rabbit – what beautiful eyes it has!

A wildlife gardener said...

Fabulous shots, Richard. Come back again :)


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