Monday, January 22, 2007

Howling Winds

Its been a difficult week for bird photography with the UK being battered with high winds. Up until Sunday the week had been lean with only the dipper in the last post to show for my efforts. I went back out on Sunday morning and ended up at Crosby Marine Park as I had some reports of some unseasonal Litle Gull being present. I really wanted some flight shots but that was not going to happen in the raging winds.

However, I did manage to get a flight shot of a passing cormorant.

I went for a wander towards the dunes to see if there was anything there and nearly stepped on a Grey Partridge and managed to get my first shot of one before it rapidly disappeared.

Walking back to the car I noticed that one of the Goldeneye drake, that were so elusive the week before was close in. So using a litter bin for cover I managed to get some shots on the rough water,

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