Monday, December 24, 2012

Seasons Greetings

This will be a fairly short blog post as I still have an ever increasing list of things to get done before Christmas day tomorrow. The main reason of this post is to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and New Year filled with memorable wildlife encounters. I would also like to send you all a big thank you for taking the time to view the blog, for your comments which are always appreciated and for your support.

I was trying to think of what to produce for my e-card this year and really a Christmas card would not be right without some. Looking through my library I have relatively few photos of birds on snow so the choice was a bit limited. So I selected a Fieldfare one of the UK winter migrant thrushes. These birds love to eat berries so I thought the inclusion of the king of berries, a chilled strawberry, would make an appropriate present for the bird.  Obviously I would like to point out, but I suspect you will have already guessed :),  that the card below is a Photoshop creation. You don't tend to find too many Fieldfare wearing Santa hats.
I thought I would also take this moment just to add a couple of images from recent brief encounters. We had a recent cold snap and often such weather tends to displace birds from their normal locations. This is a Snipe that I found on a frosty road side verge taking in some weak winter sun.
A Barn Owl hunting over some farmland in some rare late afternoon winter sun. I hope to photograph more of these enigmatic birds at the start of New Year if the weather is kind.
To finish this post, one of several Short-eared Owls that have taken up winter residence on the local salt marsh.
Have a great day tomorrow and wish you all have a relaxing and happy holiday.


holdingmoments said...

Rich, it's been a real pleasure seeing your images this year.
All the best for Christmas to you and your family.

Let's hope next year is a bit drier.

Marc Heath said...

Awesome shots Rich. Have loved following the blog this year. Have a great Christmas.

Nancy J said...

Lovely photos Rich, and the PP with a Santa Hat, well, no reason not to add to his beautiful plumage. Greetings to you, I so enjoy all your photos, words with the details that enhance the stories so much. Have a very Happy Christmas Eve, and tomorrow may you have happiness, Peace, and maybe, just maybe, another lovely photo to add to your superb collection. Greetings from Jean

salma said...

Merry Christmas!

Ben Porter said...

Stunning images as ever Rich- the colours and back-lighting on the Short-eared Owl are superb! Happy Christmas and have a great 2013


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