Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Hare Days

I thought I would a post with some recent hare photos as a change from the birds. This is especially the case as there will hopefully be a good number of bird photographs appearing here soon. About this time in 3 weeks I will be in Finland and heading up to the Varanger Pennisula in Arctic Norway for an 8 day trip with camera. The trip has been booked for nearly a year now and has finally nearly arrived.

I must admit I have ignored the hares in recent weeks as spring bird fever has taken a grip of me but I am sure our paths will be crossing again very soon. To start the post something a little different with a speeding hare leaving a trail of flying early morning dew in its wake.

A rather soggy wild eyed hare sniffing the ground on the trail of a female.

Emerging from the undergrowth

On occasions I get too close to hares which is always a joy. At these times the 500mm lens becomes to long, I just managed to fit this one in the frame.

A quiet moment.

When hares 'wake-up' after resting they will often go through a bit of a stretching regime to get those powerful muscles back in to gear. This tends to take two forms. There is the horizontal stretch.

or the slightly more comical vertical stretch with a yawn.

Hopefully while I am in the Norway I may encounter an Arctic Hare which would be interesting for comparison although unfortunately unlikely to be in its full white coat at this time of year.


Mary Howell Cromer said...

Oh these are each such delightfully wonderful images. I would have a hard task selecting a fav from these, for they are each quite remarkable in their own right. Well done, have a great weekend~

Stacey Dawn said...

You've got excellent shots there - in a couple it looks like s/he is giving you the "eye!"

Love that first one with the dust flying up!

-Pensieri- said...

wildlife photography is so beautiful! i really like this set!
please check out my article on snow monkeys in japan, you'll find some great PHOTOS of them there!!

JOHNSON, Cotswold Hills, England. said...

Terrific photos as always. Hares are such extraordinary creatures.

Last summer we had a hare breedin the garden and she and her two leverets became so tame we could just walk up to them to take photos. I wrote about them on my blog in Sept 2009. The photos still aren't a patch on yours, 'though!


Dev Wijewardane said...

The first shut is brilliant. The dew is subtle but really ads to the image.

sebi_2569 said...

very interesant blog;and beautiful photo, bravo said...

Great pictures!!! congratulations!!!


swallowtail said...

I love the hare stretching.

Angad Achappa said...

Fabulous post!!
The 4th & 5th images are my fav!!


Jenny said...

Superb hare images, as always. I love the shot of the hare running through the early morning dew, what a treat!

Rich Steel said...

Thanks for the replies. There should be some new hares photos being posted very soon .




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