Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Panning for Waders

I decided it was about time to start the winter wader campaign. Having played around a little last year with getting some low level photos, this winter I intend to put a good deal of effort in with my main target species being Bar-tailed Godwit. So before heading forth in to the estuary muds I thought it was time to get properly kitted out and invested in a good pair of chest waders. Of course the other essential piece of kit was the modified fry pan!. If your wondering what I am on about then check this previous post

The first trip out was less than ideal with a very small tide, poor light and a Sunday beach full of dog walkers. As I had no tide to bring the birds towards me, it was a case of going commando in the mud and crawling a long distance, which I certainly felt with some aching muscles the following day. I just had a bit of experiment with some sanderling that afteroon.


Despite the conditions I liked what I was seeing through the lens from my very low angle which brings a degree of intimacy with the subject.
The next session was under better conditions.


Along with the Sanderling scurrying around the beach there were around 3000 knot and 5 Bar-tailed Godswits. The Godwits were playing hard to get and stayed on the seaward side of the knot flock making any approach difficult and spent most of the time asleep.


The session was useful though as I am now confident with the approach for the bar-tails and just need to wait for the right combination of sun and tides.


neil said...

Stunning pics

Jenny said...

Superb shots, well worth all the effort!

holdingmoments said...

Richard your efforts really pay off with such amazing images.
That first Sanderling is stunning, and the Godwit with head tucked under wing is perfect.

Chris said...

Fantastic.... Amazing... Wonderful... This first shot is breathtaking... One of my favorite among all the ones I saw so far! I love that low angle and it is so sharp!! Well done!

The Early Birder said...

Superb detail on the resting Godwit Rich. Getting low down obviously pays off & thumbs up for the teflon pan. FAB

RĂºben Neves said...

And what an approach... Wonderful angle and fine points of view. Great light as well. Some shots are truly inspiring portraits! Congratulations!

carol said...

Love your waders photos. Great detail. Carol

Brad said...

your photos are fantastic !

Rich Steel said...

Many thanks for the comments. The low level wader work takes its toll as you would not belief the aches you suffer the next day! However, it is the best way to get close to the birds.



Angad Achappa said...

hi sir,
Thoroughly enjoyed going through this series of photographs. Lovely images.
Angad Achappa


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