Thursday, August 06, 2009

Supporting Cast

When I head out the front door with the camera I am usually going to target a particular species as I find it much more productive to go out with a specific plan rather to just see what comes my way. Of course while out and about I am often presented with opportunities for other species that just need to be taken. So I have gathered together a collection of birds that have been encountered on some of my wanderings this year. I have pulled together quite a number so this will be a fairly long post, at least in term of number of photos.

Earlier in the year I went out looking for dippers, on a stream local to my office, during my lunch hours. This was not wholly successful but on one trip I came across this grey wagtail unusually perched in the tree rather than hopping between boulders in the stream.

The early mornings out looking for hares produced the next three in the shape of a female Blackbird, a Song Thrush and more recently a Mistle Thrush eating some Rowan berries.



At the beginning of the year I heard about a couple of Barnacle Geese that had appeared on a local park lake. Probably 'feral' birds but a species which I had not photographed before.

During my sessions photographing avocets in the spring, one of the best looking Shelduck I have seen swam into view and so the mad antics of the avocets were quickly forgotten for a few moments.

There was some good late light illuminating the local pond on the way home one evening so I stopped briefly for this Mute Swan.

During a session looking for skylarks along the local coast I came across this male StoneChat in the dunes and a Robin along a footpath.


and to finish off a Little Egret on the local coast. I do not usually take back views of birds but thought I would make an exception for this one coming in to land.


MObugs said...

Absolutely STUNNING photos.I could look at them all day. The egret is gorgeous, I am so glad you decided to make an exception and photograph him, those white feathers are gorgeous!

holdingmoments said...

Every one a stunner Richard. Great 'opportunistic' shots.
The StoneChat is superb.

David Álvarez said...

Very great shots!! it's a nice surprise to discover every new post in your blog


Rúben Neves said...

I really don't get tired of congratulating you... Everytime I come here the images are cristal clear, very well composed and with a whole sense of wildfeeling... Well done!

Rich Steel said...

Many thanks for your comments. Hopefully there will plenty more opportunistic moments in the months to come.




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