Monday, July 13, 2009

Seabird Safari - Part 2

There were some glum faces sat around the breakfast table as the rain fell heavily outside. Surely we were not going to be hit with poor weather for the second year running, following the mists of last year. Fortunately soon after leaving the harbour quay the rain stopped and the skies started to clear as we headed out towards Staple Island. As usual I was on the look out for any passing birds as we were shipped out to the island but the combination of a crowded rocking boat and fast moving sea birds is never an easy combination. I did manage to get a photograph of a passing gannet. I love they way they skim the water when flying out at sea.

The boat paused briefly to check out some grey seas that had hauled themselves up on to a small area of exposed rocks. They are so much easier to photograph than the birds.


We then went onwards to Staple Island, which I put in the third installment, but had to leave early due to a swell that was developing and fast tidal currents. This meant that the boat had to motor around for about 1.5 hours before we could make the landing on Inner Farne Island. A cormorant drying out its feathers after a fishing expedition.

Another cormorant surfaced at the base of the cliffs with what initally looked like a wrasse but turned out to be a fish known as a Lumpsucker. I always thought these fish were a grey / brown colour.

The smaller and greener Shag were also present perched along the base of the low cliffs.

The light suddenly became very harsh which is probably the worst conditions for trying to photograph kittiwakes, that were nesting along narrow ledges on the cliff face.

To finish off this post in one area where the boat stopped briefly there were a small number of puffins perched along the cliff top, This bird was in the process of jumping between rocks.


holdingmoments said...

These are exceptional Richard.
Every one superb.
That Cormorant, and the water droplets, a great capture.

I must try harder lol

Anonymous said...

Brilliant photography, Rich, and interesting story of the trip. You excel with the camera in the most awkward conditions.

Quantum Tiger said...

Um. Wow. To all of the above. Especially the landing puffin, the cormorant and the gannet. Great stuff. And I'm deeply jealous. :-)


T and S said...

Its a visual treat to see your images Rich, I derive a lot of motivation from your class of photography. They are all stunning images and the first one of the gannet is awesome...Thomas

S.C.E. said...

Just found this great blog.

Some wonderful pics, I'm speechless.

RĂºben Neves said...

Nature at its best! Congratulaitons!

Unknown said...

Great captures! I initially noticed your "cormorant with fish" shot. So could she really manage to consume that entire fish okay?? Does the fish get swallowed down still wriggling as well?!




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