Sunday, March 08, 2009

Amongst the Hares

Given that March is the month tradionally associated with hare activity I decided it was time to visit my site to see how active they were. They still seem reasonably quiet with not a great number showing and certainly no signs of any boxing. However, the sun did shine for once after the persistent grey gloom of the last couple of weeks although did not shine for long. Whether I will actually manage to photograph them boxing this year remains to be seen but it always a pleasure to photograph these wonderful animals.

On look out in the stubble field in the early sun

I thought these two may start boxing but they seemed happy just to sit and watch the sun rise.

Their fur is looking in good condition at the moment so it seems boxing has been limited.


A little early morning exercise to stretch those long legs.




Jenny said...

Beautiful shots! Your images make me feel as if I'm right there in the field with the hares.

The Early Birder said...

Good to see wildlife soaking up some sun at last Rich. I'm always surprised by how fast they can move. Hope you get a shot of them boxing. Best of luck.

T and S said...

Beautiful series Richard. The first image is my favorite in this one.

RĂºben Neves said...

Very nice mood... The habitat as its natural place. Just great. Makes me want to go there...

Rich Steel said...

It makes me want to go back there as well Ruben. I have a few more hare photos to show from my recent efforts which I will put up in the near future.

I was reading the other day that a hare at full spped can hit about 45mph which I can well believe!




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