Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Autumn Reds
The main target species for my visit to photograph deer, were the red deer. The big stags are such large impressive animals and always seem to have a 'noble' look about them. As with the fallow deer, most of the rut seemed to have finished although there was still plenty of bellowing males parading around. On first arrival I was greeted by foggy conditions and was looking forward to some nice atmospheric photos as the first rays of sun broke through.
Unfortunately the mist was all but gone within 10 minutes but the cool morning still allowed the capture of some 'breath' images of which this was my favourite.
A classic stag portrait in some early morning sun
This stag brought a smile and was having what may be called a bad hair day.The soft autumn light and colours were great to work with
I came across some stags down by a lake.
To finish off one of those bellowing stags, a primeval sound that will leave long lasting fond memories


Jane said...

I've seen so many pictures of deer recently that I was getting quite fed up of them... then I found your post! Great pictures. Love the misty atmosphere, the breath in the cold, the grassy antlers... brilliant! Thanks for posting them. Jane

T and S said...

WOW...that's a series of outstanding images. Adding the nature habitat even in the closeup shots makes each image just superb.

Have a nice weekend...Thomas

Klaus said...

Completely bowled over. I bow before thee, master!
Cheers, Klaus

Rich Steel said...

Thanks for the replies. The pghotography becomes easy when the light is kind. It was really good fun to photograph these big red stags.



Diane - Daily Walks said...

Your work is remarkable and inspiring! Love the last image here as well as 100's more.


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