Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Woodland Migrants
Took a trip out to some woods in North Wales, trying to find the three migrants that frequent mature decidous woodland in this area during the summer Firstly I will admit I failed to find any Redstart, a bird which remains elusive but a situtation I am currently working on a plan to resolve. However, I was more successful with the other two species. Firstly the Wood warbler, a bird of amazing song but normally difficult to phtoograph as it tends to stay high in the canopy. Fortunately I found one low down which allowed for some photography.

and in full song....
The other species I was after was the Pied flycatcher with the males being more cooperative than the females. I found a nesting site and sat quietly nearby opposite a branch that the male was using frequently during his approach.

My only shot of the female, this one was ringed and obviously part of a local study on the species.

The male is a tricky bird for photograph exposure especially in the dappled and often limited light of the woodland.

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