Friday, February 09, 2007

Holiday Snaps

I have been thinking about booking a holiday so I thought I would sort through some of last years holdiay photographs to make a compilation. First up was a trip to the NE of Mallorca in April.

Hoopoe in the garden!!!

On the local beach Audouin's Gull

The star for me of the local marshes, the Black-winged Stilt.

Mid-summer found me in Austria. Black Redstart where common around the hotel. Together with their young.

In the alpine meadows there were no shortage of Goldfinch and Serin.

and up on the local summit, Alpine chough

1 comment: said...

Nice pictures!!
You should come to my country Navarra (Noth spain) within 90 min you can find fron a Lamergeier to a great Bustard!!
Saludos camperos!


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