Friday, December 15, 2006

I have been working on a mini project over the last couple of months to get some curlew shots. They are a very nervous species and have noticed them moving away even when on sand banks well offshore in the local estuary. I managed to locate a flock of birds on a nearby field which conivently has an adjacent car park to allow me to use the 'mobile citroen hide'. Even so it has still taken quite a bit of time spent before the birds have come within sensible photographing range and the light was good enough under the grey winter skies. Having said that I have enjoyed watching them and learning their behaviour. Here are a selection of shots from a 10 minute period, after many hours of watching, when it all came together.

This is the only flight shot I have managed to get so far

I was also treated with watching some birds bathe in one of the puddles in the field.

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