Saturday, November 11, 2006

Recently had a couple of trips to the Spinnies Nature Reserve near Bangor in North Wales and very enjoyable sessions they proved to be.

Started off with some Little Grebe

Lots of egrets use the site during high tide when they come in from the local estuary.

This gives some oppotunity for flight shots or in this case landing

Also had some fun with a nuthatch that was visiting one of the feeders and showing that classic pose

The place also offers the occasional close heron view and the colour of the reeds round the lake lives a lovely golden glow to the water

However my favoutire was the Kingfisher as this the first opportunity I have had to photograph one :)

1 comment:

John Freeland said...

I love it, it really show those cheeky colours together with that consentrated, aloof attitued.


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