Sunday, January 30, 2011

Simply Gulls

With the January weather continuing to be a disappointment from a photography perspective, I thought I would turn the clock back a few weeks. Living by the seaside I am surrounded by gulls and so it is inevitable the some should find their way in front of the lens. I must admit I do enjoy photographing them as they are always entertaining and if you have a loaf of bread instantly become your new best 'friends'. So here is a compilation of some photos taken towards the back end of last year that I did not get an opportunity to show. I will start with the most common species the Black-headed Gull which is probably the most likely to be ignored by the photographer. The first was taken against storm clouds in the last light of the day and for a few fleeting moments the sky was filled with swirling golden arc of gulls, a memorable sight.

While on the topic of great light, while the ground covered in snow there was some superb up lighting on the birds.

The local raised Model Boating Lake always offers some good opportunities at high tide for bathing birds. Water level photos are achieved in relative comfort and without the need for scrabbling around on the floor.

and a young bird undertaking a bit of feather maintenance.

There are also good numbers of Common Gull or as they seem to becoming more frequently labelled Mew Gull.

Lurking in the unusually deep snow we experienced this winter.

Herring Gull are common and its is quite easy to see how a whole herring could easily slip down that gaping void.

A young bird undergoing some acrobatic manoeuvres on the local boating lake.

I think the manufacturer of the local seaside telescopes show change their name to 'Gull Scopes'. A Lesser Black-backed Gull on watch duty.

To finish off the scarce Mediterranean Gull which has been lurking in amongst the Black-headed Gulls all winter. It usually takes a bit of finding due to the similarity in looks, particularly when the whole flock takes flight. I am hoping this one will stay around long enough this year to transform in to their wonderful summer plumage. This first photograph was taken again when snow was on the ground on a beautiful crisp clear day.

As I have said many times before and no doubt will do so again the future, never ignore the common birds around you :)


Unknown said...

Richard, extraordinary! Wonderful shots.

Marc Heath said...

Lovely photos, excellent quality in them.

FAB said...

Super series on our Gull species. The Black-headed is so often overlooked so great to see them having fun on the water.

Anonymous said...

Nice Richard


Michele Wassell said...

STUNNING photos! Love the lighting... Beautiful work.

Mark Young said...

Beautiful images, and so very nicely exposed. There really do make for a great subject to photographn.

Dominic Gendron said...

Incredible serie! #3 and #7 are just perfect!

Mary Howell Cromer said...

Extremely Wonderful, you really know how to capture them!!!

Elena said...

I like it your pictures, very much!Greetings. Elena.

Rich Steel said...

Thanks for the comments. It is a shame it snows so rarely as the light is just wonderful. Gulls are a great subject and always good practice for flight photography.



chudexs said...

A fascinating paper.
I love reading your writing
I got a lot of input, i love ur picture.
thanks and encouragement to keep writing.


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