Saturday, September 23, 2006

Dropped into Pennington Flash and had an interesting couple of hours at the feeding station. Good variety of birds were present including those shown together with dunnock, willow tit and green finch. Not a great deal of light was available in the forest clearing under a dull sky.

Lots of magpies were present. They are a beautifully coloured bird when you watch them for a while.

Together with the a a variety of of tit species.

A group of Long-tailed tits passed through before scared by a swooping sparrowhawk.

Great tits and Blue tits

and to finish off some bullfinch

I dropped into Inner Marsh on the way home. I was told I had missed a lot of action with pereguines taking moorhen and herons wrestling with big eels. There was some interesting birds there though with a Woodsandpiper, ruff and Little Stint. Unfortuantely all out of range. Shame as there was some nice late afternoon light.

Greylags were doing some formation flying

and fortunately a Black tail Godwit came into range before the sun dipped too far to save the day.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

It always encouraging when you set out to do some bird photography and you are met on the way down to the hide by a bird walking towards you. On a visit to Inner Marsh Farm RSPB site I was greeted by this pheasent.

Down at the hide it was realtively quiet withbirds close in to photograph but just as I left this Black-tail Godwit appeared in some warm late afternoon light.

I was back out early this morning, as I'm not a great one for sleeping in. The target today was some Oystercatcher which were feeding on the field at the back of New Brighton promenade. A difficult bird to get close to.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thought it time to start my first post here.

I headed out with camera yesterday and came across some young herons plucking small fish from the edge of Crosby Marine Lake in Merseyside. This was one of my favourite shots of the session as another blenny disappears down that impressive beak.


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