Saturday, November 28, 2009

Autumn Bounty

There has been a good crop of berries on the Rowan and Hawthorne trees this autumn which has coincided with an influx of high numbers of Fieldfare and Redwing streaming down from Scandinavia for the winter. I love both these species as they are colourful, energetic and a real challenge to photograph. I found a number of birds coming in to a tree like waxwings, descending in numbers, feeding quickly and returning to their perches in adjacent tall trees. The tree where they were feeding had the added advantage of a building behind to add some interesting colour to the background.

It is always tricky photographing birds feeding in this way and I usually wait until a bird lands on an outer branch to get photographers that tend to isolate the bird on a single branch. Easier aid than done though. Starting with he Fieldfares.



The birds show some fine acrobatics to reach some berries.



The redwing were less numerous and tending to stay towards te centre of the tree.


A bit of gentle wing flapping to hold position

Hopefully I will manage another session with these birds before they strip the trees clean, that is assuming of course it ever actually stops raining.


Angad Achappa said...

Nice photographs, i particularly liked the last one.

holdingmoments said...

A cracking set Richard.
I like those of the Fieldfare; quite a wary bird to capture with the camera.

David said...

Great shots!!! Congratulations Richard, it's a really good work.

FAB said...

Rain, rain..go away. I've failed miserably to get close enough to these characters with my limited equipment. These are absolutely stunning Rich.

RĂºben Neves said...

Another set of great shots! A good light, once again, and a great sharp managing! Congratulations.

Lee Harrison said...

hi Rich, great shots, I'm a big fan, just wondering if you could enlighten me on how you got the copyright on your pics, I've bin trying with mine but don't know were to start...

thanks always Lee Harrison.

Estelle Kensdale said...

wow, fantastic shots!

Pescalune said...

That are really wonderful pictures wow ! Awsome :)

Rich Steel said...

Many thanks for your comments. With all the snow around their should be some good opportunities for fieldfare photos if you scatter some apples on your lawn.

Lee to get your copyright on the photos, is easy if you have Photoshop. You just need to create a file which is a transparent layer with your text on. For the copyright symbol press ALT 169. You can then open this file alongside your photo and drag the text across.




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